About us

PNA Accountants

The accounting firm was established in June 2011. The firm, formerly known as Pragasen Naidoo & Associates started off as a sole proprietary. The firm handled accounting and tax affairs for a small client base ranging from the compilation of annual financial statements to submission of returns on a monthly basis. The firm also processed new company registrations and existing company amendments. The firm grew at a rapid rate and steadily increased its client base. The firm settled in Chase Valley, Pietermaritzburg where a modern and efficient accounting firm is now run boasting an impressive client base that has almost tripled in numbers from inception.

We at PNA Accountants enjoy the everyday challenge that may come with serving our clients and in turn having the satisfaction of watching our clients grow into massive entities regardless of what industry or trade type. As a result, due to the different types of industries that we encounter, we ensure that we give each and every client the special service that they require in relation to their entities industry regardless of the size or type of business.

PNA Accountants (PTY) LTD is an empowered, goal driven firm. The staff at PNA Accountants are optimistic and enthusiastic and enjoy the everyday learning experience that comes with being an employee at the profound firm.

PNA Accountants clients boast about the excellent service they receive and give recommendations to fellow entrepreneur’s hence growing PNA Accountants client base regularly.



PNA Accountants has a set of business values in which every day operations derive from. The values are instilled in each employee at all levels from commencement of employment.
These said values are:

  • Clients above all. We strive to ensure that every client enlisted on our database receives the best advice in order to grow and maintain their business activities.
  • Responsibility is the most valuable key to power and success.
  • Integrity, we ensure that our clients receive our professional and honest advice and service regardless of any given circumstances.
  • Profit, the driving force in every business.



We are a resource to our clients, answering a variety of questions and meeting the diverse needs of all different clients. We assist in developing practical solutions by understanding the diverse needs of each company in order to make a difference in the growth of each business. We make the difference. As a medium sized firm each of our clients is not just a number. We are deeply connect with each of our clients and we develop a thorough understandings of each entities different needs as a result we are able to offer customized proactive advice that will help in anticipating challenges before the occur and identify emerging opportunities. We create services of diversity to meet different client needs rather than offering a “one size fits all” standard package.

In our firm each and every client counts, as a result we meet our deadlines and commit to our promises .Because the firm’s principle is involved in engagement; you can expect a high level of quality for every service rendered. Our principle is committed to meeting and exceeding client expectations.